Buyers & HNI'S


  • Need Assesment
  • Seller Evaluation
  • Land Identification to match the needs
  • Due Diligence & Legal Title Checks
  • Documentation of Transfer
  • Mutation Entries
  • Goverment Survey


  • Priodic Land Status
  • Best Use Option
  • Development & Management of Estates
  • Project Management
  • Farm Management & Agriculture Projects
  • Produce Marketing
  • Rescale Service

Note : We help in living up the best partners for your projects development whether it is for farm house, township development, industrial or agriculture


Looking lands for Industrial, Housing, Investment, Agriculture Projects or Agriculture ? Land buying is a tricky subject.

Due Diligence and studies may not be able to help you in the last mile of the transaction … We help you there.

House Brokers & Real Estate Agents may not know the whole story and you may end up with land you never wanted or you cannot use or it goes way above your anticipated budget.


Are you a brokerage firm or an individual broker who wants to invest in Agricultural Land ?

Unlike urban development agricultural land its conversion to NA is very different ball game.Acquisitions needs to be done at the farmer or individual owner level.

At Agrilands we professionally assist you in helping your clients acquire Agricultural Land, so that you need to focus on maintaining the buyer confidence.